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The St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis Social Security program began in 1978 when The Social Security Act, No. 13 of 1977 was given effect. From February 1, 1978, a new system of social insurance was brought into being replacing the National Provident Fund which had been in operation for ten years. The Act established the Social Security Board as a statutory corporation with all powers necessary for the operation of the Social Security Fund.

The Government has administrative oversight and political and legislative responsibility for Social Security. Accordingly, a Minister in the Cabinet of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has relevant powers and functions in keeping with provisions of the law. However, the scheme can best be described as being in the ownership of its basic stakeholder groups. These can be categorized as (but may not be limited to) employers, insured persons, and government.

While the National Provident Fund was simply a retirement savings fund catering only to certain categories of workers, Social Security was designed to offer a wide range of cash benefits providing income insurance in a number of contingency situations. It was designed to include short-term benefits and long-term benefits. Importantly, it also provided for the inclusion of all workers.

The system operates on the basis of building a pool of funds from compulsory contribution income and other income, which will be utilized for the payment of benefits and for meeting administrative expenses. Accordingly, the Act makes provision for registration of employers and for the insurability of employees, self-employed persons, and voluntarily insured persons. Contributions are payable into the fund by all concerned.

The Board operates two offices in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Its Head Office is located on the island of St. Kitts while a Branch Office operates on the island of Nevis. On St. Kitts, the Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw Building on the Bay Road in Basseterre houses the Head Office. On Nevis, the Social Security Building at Pinney’s Estate is the location of the Branch Office.

Social Security was designed to offer a wide range of cash benefits providing income insurance in a number of contingency situations.

The Social Security Board is a statutory body created by the Social Security Act No. 13 of 1977 as a body corporate enjoying perpetual succession and having a common seal.

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Hon. Eugene Hamilton
Minister Responsible

Minister of Human Settlement, National Health Insurance, Social Security, Ecclesiastical Affairs, Social Development and Gender Affairs


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Responsibility for the day to day operations of the Social Security Fund lies with a Director of Social Security who reports to the Board. The Director exercises supervision over other management and staff who are organized into various operational departments. MEET OUR TEAM

Victor Earle
Antonio Maynard

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Frequently Asked Questions?

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    Are there any other contributions that an employer can deduct from my wages?

    Yes. Regardless of your age, your employer is entitled to deduct contributions that go towards the Housing and Social Development Levy. However, if you are earning less than one thousand and eighty-three dollars and thirty-three cents per month, you will be exempt from such deduction. If you earn one thousand and eighty-three dollars and thirty-three cents and over per month, your employer may deduct three percent [3%] of your wages to be paid towards the levy. If your wages are more than six thousand, five hundred dollars [$6, 500] per month, your employer is entitled to deduct 8% from that portion of your wages that is above $6, 500 up to eight thousand dollars to be paid towards the Levy. Social Security is the collecting agent for the levy. If your wages are more than eight thousand dollars per month, your employer is entitled to deduct levy at the rate of 10 percent from that portion of your wages above eight thousand dollars.

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    Does Social Security offer loans to individuals on their accumulated balances?

    This is not an option that is available. It is important to remember that when money is paid into Social Security, it is pooled together into what is called the Social Security Fund.  The Board generally does not refer to individual accounts with balances for each insured person. Rather, the Board regards the contributions as being placed on your record specifically for the servicing of prescribed benefits that can go well beyond your actual contributions.

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    Does the Social Security Age Benefit payment consider the effects of inflation?

    Yes. The Age Pension is based on the insured persons three (3) best contribution years, which are usually the latest years.  This method works on the premise that wages being paid at any point in time normally keeps pace with inflation. Additionally, the Social Security minimum pension is increased from time to time in consideration of inflation.

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