Providing Social Security in St. Kitts and Nevis

In order for the Social Security Fund to honour its obligations, it is necessary for all employers, employees and self-employed persons to be properly registered. This enables Social Security to keep meaningful records of the contributions made to the fund by all contributors, and ultimately to be in a position to pay accurate benefits to eligible claimants.

Registration entails completing the necessary forms and providing details of the individual employer, employee or self-employed person, as the case may be.

When an application for registration is submitted to Social Security, an appropriate registration number is assigned to the applicant. Thus, a special numbering scheme is maintained for employers, and a separate numbering scheme is maintained for employees and self-employed persons who are categorized together as insured persons.

The registration number of each applicant is unique and must at all times be treated as special. It should be written on all documents submitted to Social Security as a means of ensuring that information submitted is documented in its correct place and is applied to the record of the person for whom it is intended.

An employer’s registration number on a document refers to the specific employer. Similarly, an insured person’s (employee and self-employed person) number identifies the specific person.

Special Note
Special Regulations provide that persons who should register and are yet to do so must register within a specific time frame whenever instructed to do so by the Director of Social Security. Such instructions will normally be conveyed by an Inspector or the Compliance Department.

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