Survivors’ Benefit

What is Survivors’ Benefit?

This Benefit is payable to the widow, widower, child or dependant parent of a deceased insured person, who at the time of death:

  • Had paid at least 150 contributions in the scheme
  • Was receiving Invalidity or Age Benefit
  • Was entitled to Invalidity or Age Benefit

Who Qualifies


  • If he/she was married or cohabited for at least 3 years with the insured person prior to his/her death
  • If he/she is under 45, he/she will receive the benefit for 1 year only
  • If he/she is over 45 he/she will be paid the benefit for life or until he/she remarries or cohabits

A Child

  • Natural, adopted, Step or illegitimate
  • Unmarried
  • Was living with the deceased or was dependant on the deceased

Dependant Parent

  • If under 62 years:
    • Dependent on insured person
    • Unemployed

This pension is payable for one year

    • If an invalid,
    • must have been dependent on insured person

This pension is payable for life.

  • If over 62 years:
    • Must have been supported by insured person
    • Must not be in receipt of any other pension

This pension is payable for life

When to Claim

A claim for Survivors’ Benefit should be made no later than three months after the date of death of the insured person.  The claim should be supported by evidence of relationship (marriage certificate, birth and death certificates, evidence of cohabitation).

Survivors Pension

Monthly payments to the widow/widower, children or parents of a deceased insured person.


  • ½ of 30% of the average annual wages of the deceased or;
  • ½ of the pension of the deceased pensioner

A Child

  • 1/6 of 30% of the average annual wages of the deceased or;
  • 1/6 of the pension of the deceased pensioner

Orphan or Invalid Child

  • Up to 1/3 of the maximum amount

A Parent(s)

  • 1/6 of the maximum amount
Survivors Grant

A lump sum to the widow/widower and children of a deceased insured person. This is based on the amount of Age Grant that was paid or was due to the deceased insured person.

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