Employment Injury Benefit

What is Employment Injury Benefit?

Employment Injury Benefit is payable to an employee who is rendered incapable of work or suffers loss of faculty arising from an injury or prescribed occupational disease occurring during the course of an and or as a result of circumstances related to employment.


There are no contribution conditions for Employment Injury Benefit. It may be payable from the first day that the person reported for work.

Self-employed persons cannot avail themselves of Employment Injury Benefits but can claim Sickness Benefit in cases where it is claimed that their inability to work resulted from injury on the job.

The Benefits provided under the Employment Injury include:

  • Injury Benefit
  • Disablement Benefit
  • Death Benefit
  • Medical Expenses
  • Funeral Grant
  • Constant Care Allowance
Injury Benefit

Who Qualifies:
• who is in insurable employment and
• who is incapable of work because of an injury sustained in or during the course of employment or because he/she has developed some illness as a result of his/her job.

When To Claim:
Any job-related injury/disease MUST be reported to the employer or the employer’s representative
IMMEDIATELY. The employer must record the details reported.

A claim should then be submitted to the Social Security Office within 10 days from the date on which the employed person was examined by a doctor. Injury Benefit will only be paid if incapacity for work last for more than 3 consecutive days excluding Sundays.

Amount of Benefit:
The insured person will be paid 75% of the average weekly wage up to a maximum of 26 weeks of incapacity for work.

Disablement Benefit

Who Qualifies:
A person who has suffered the partial or total loss of any physical or mental faculty as a result of a job-related accident or disease. Assessment of partial or total loss is made by the Social Security Medical Board in accordance with the table of prescribed degrees of disablement.

If the disability is assessed at more than the 1% but less than 20%, the benefit will be paid as a Grant (one time payment), while a person with assessed disability of 20% or more will be paid a pension.

Disablement Pension is payable for life if there is permanent loss of faculty.

In the case of temporary disablement, the benefit is payable for as long as the disability lasts up to a maximum of 365 weeks.

Amount of Benefit:
The maximum rate of Disablement Benefit based on total disability is 75% of the average weekly wages.

Death Benefit

Who Qualifies:
Certain dependants of an insured person who died as a result of an accident on the job or as a result of a job-related prescribed disease. Dependants who may qualify include: widow; widower; children, and dependent parents.

When To Claim:
A claim for Death Benefit should be made no later than 3 months after the death of the insured person.

Amount of Benefit:

Widow or Widower:
• One-half of 75% of the average weekly wage of the deceased insured person.
• One-half of 75% of the pension of the deceased insured person had they suffered permanent disablement.

• One-sixth of 75% of the average weekly wage of the deceased insured person.

• One-sixth of 75% of the average weekly wage of the deceased insured person.

In the case of the widow/widower, pension is payable until death or until remarriage or co-habitation; regardless of age.

Medical Expenses

Who Qualifies:
An employed person who is injured or who contracts a prescribed disease in connection with his/her work and who needs medical care because of the injury or disease.

Amount of Benefit:
REASONABLE expenses may be reimbursed for doctors’ fees, medication, hospitalization, traveling and constant care and other specified costs incurred as a result of the injury or disease.

Funeral Grant

Funeral Grant is payable to the person who has met or who has undertaken to meet the cost of the funeral of the deceased insured person. The Funeral Grant in the case of death resulting from employment related causes is a lump sum payment up to a maximum of $4,000.

Constant Care Allowance

A person in receipt of a Disablement Pension resulting from a case of Employment Injury is entitled to claim a ‘Constant Care Allowance’.

This Benefit is payable to an authorized caregiver of the disabled person for as long as the incapacity lasts.

The insured person must have suffered such an injury that he/she is unable to care for themselves; example: loss of both hands or severe paralysis amongst others.

Noteworthy, the caretaker must provide full time care and must register and contribute as a Self-employed person. Other details can be provided at our Offices.

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