Insured Person Registration

Application to Register as an Insured Person Form

To signup for a new card you must complete our Application Form. Once the form has been completed and submitted successfully then an email with a Ticket Number that is valid for four (4) Business Days will be sent to the email address supplied by your Application Form.

After completing the Form please Check your Email for your Ticket Number and bring this to our Office with all necessary documents to complete the Registration Process.Documents could include:

  • Passport (a valid one) as a form of identification.
  • Birth Certificate if do not have a Passport
  • Baptismal Certificate if you do not have a Birth Certificate
  • Deed Poll if your name has been changed through this instrument
  • Marriage Certificate if your name have been change by marriage
  • Work Permit if not a national of the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis
  • Driver’s Licence if you do not have other picture I.D. with a Birth Certificate
  • National I.D. Card if you do not have other picture I.D. with a Birth Certificate Caricom Skills
  • Certificate if you are a Caricom National who is not from St. Kitts-Nevis

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